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passing of days

Just had a melt. Kenzie started asking about what I liked to do with Christopher, what each of the family members got of his. I'm good with her asking questions but I haven't had a cry in a while and I broke. 

I went to this christian meeting for young adults on monday night, Ian took me along (he is mitch's godson and living with them as well). This whole white rock community is so white, suburban and religious, it's strange, not many other cultures. I had a chat to Mitch's workmate today about how it's extremely multicultural here but none of the cultures mix. There is a Russian community, Indian community, asian, iraqi, anything and everything but all in separate areas. 

So I went to this Christian thing and it was actually so fun. Real lovely people, found some swing dancers, one of the girl's knows the mountain biking so I'm going to hit her up, another runs a young adult mental illness support thing at one of the universities and I offered an extra pair of hands to help with anything. She mentioned putting up flyers and gave me a call this afternoon and has offered to take me round central vancouver, I'll get a day pass for the transit and we're going to have good times.

Coralee is talking about going to see Granny this weekend or next before the snow gets too much in the mountains which will be really good. I'm not sure how to contact granny though. I'm sure that will get sorted.

I'm done,

goodnight lvoelies.
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Okay so I want a new ring and I need help deciding. This seems the best way to do it:

Option 1 - $10

Option 2 - $50

Option 3 - $60

I removed number 3 because despite being very popular, I don't actually like tha band much (too swirly and girly)

Option 4 - $65

Option 4 has been replaced by 10

Option 5 - $34

Option 6 - $34

Option 7 - $30

Option 8 - $35

Option 9 - The one which i think is really cool and somewhat classy aswell but is just a dream one unfortunately considering its $500

Option 10


Option 11


For more interest, the search was from this
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Hehehe, it's club day at uni.
I've joined several, but I can't help it.

I joined
Engineering without borders
EnSoc (engineering Society)
The Super Ninja Society
The French Society
THe CompSoc (computer society lol)
and Tai Chi
The Rec Centre (aka the gym)

I still have to join the UcanDance Soc.
I can't help but feel I want to join more just because it would be fun but it might be slightly excessive. Squash could also be fun. And I have friends doing it.
 Yay for University.
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Ok NCEA results
Passed with Merit! (Wohoo)
I was 4 credits off though

Chem One of my best yet almost wanted better (Ok Ill stoip complaining)
E - Aqeuous
M - Oxidation and REduction
M - Organics
M - Atomic structure and thermochem

Physics - Mega wtf factor because my marks got reversed
E - Electricity (I failed this in class)
M - Mechanics
M - Neclear
A - Waves (I got E for this in mocks)

French - Well oops, Kinda messed this up. Oh well
A - Reading (how did I do so bad in reading)
A - Writing
M - Listening

M -Differentiation
A - Integration
M - Conics
A - Complex

Classics - Win
E - Alexander Essay (I got E in my essay topic YUS)
M - Roman Art (Since we never finished the topic and I chose 2 pieces of art that we didn't learn in class, this isn't too bad)
E - Aristophanes

Overall I'm ok with my results. Could have been better but oh well

And as it turns out, my french teacher didn't input one of our french internals, wtf. I got E.
Unforutnately it wouldn't have given me the apss with E. I would have been 1 off (which would have annoyed me more lol)
Oh well, no more NCEA wohoo!
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Disney has me totally weirded out at the moment.

As much as I love it, the fact that an Ashley Tisdale song 2 times makes me mega lol

Okay, so in the chorus of He Said, She Said (this is hte most obvious part, but there are other changes)
In the orginal album version, Ashley is being all slutting (I use this term in the most affectionate way, really, Ashley *love*)
I can see us moving like that
I can see us touching like that
I can see us kissing like that

I didn't actually realsie these were the real lyrics cause I her album, but never imported it, and the version I have is Actually different.
In this version, shes playing it cool,
I can see us moving like that
I can see us dancing like that
I can see us chilling like that
she wants this boy, but they are a clean couple, they only move and dance together, but heaven forbid they touch or kiss. Beause givne the music video, that would be silly

And then we get to the Radio Disney Version.
For your information, when boys see a prettty girl, they should go oh, instead, they should go woo woo
And girls also cannot go oh when they see a good looking guy, instead, they must go What?
No, I am not kidding mes amies, Disney is that cool.
I'm no longer surprised it took Troyella to the end of their second movie to kiss, in fact, i'm surprised they were even allowed to touch each other, heaven forbin the scandalas messages they might send to the youth
I can see us being like that
I can see us dancing like that
I can see us chilling like that.

I do love Ashley Tisdale, she is made of win.

Don't even get me started on Jesse McCartney's Right Where You Want me.
I didn't realise you could change so much in 1min and 30s of a song.

Btw, Jesse is also made of win. I do like him. And sorry Janella, but current Jessie>Joe. Joe has not been pretty recently
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I feel almost unbearably anxious

According to wikipedia and anxiety here are the following symptoms associated with Genreal Anxiety Disorder
They often exhibit a variety of physical symptoms, including
fatigue, fidgeting, headaches, nausea, muscle tension, muscle aches, difficulty swallowing, trembling, twitching, irritability, sweating, insomnia, and hot flashes.

I have a fair amount of symptons and have had them (though they vary in extremeties) for quite some time.
As hesitant as I am at online self diognosis, I can't help but feel I have an anxiety problem.

And it's kinda bad right now

I do admit that my levels fluctuate a crap load. Maybe I'm just overreacting like I do all the time