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Time started: 11am
Full Name: Christopher Ian Hunter McPherson
Nickname: Chris
Single or taken: single
Birthday: 11th July
Star sign: Cancer
Siblings: 2 sisters
Eye colour: brown
Height: 180ish? I duno
Shoe size: 10 I think
Innie or Outie: Innie! Outies are so weird
What are you wearing right now: Blue jeans with a disney tshirt
Where do you live? Papakowhai
Righty or lefty: Right
Any pets: My sister has 2 rabbits
Can you make a dollar change right now? I think so

Who are your closest friends? Everyone is my close personel friend, some more than others
Do you have a bf or gf: Nah

Best place to go for a date: Picnics are nice

-Fashion Stuff-
Where is your fave place to shop?: I don't shop often, but I like Jayjays, and Hallenstines
Do you have any tattoos or piercings? I do not

Fave -
Favorite kind of pants: Jeans atm
Colour: blue
Number: 13
Food: Moroccan Lamb, mum makes it
Subject in school: well, it WAS possibly chemistry (and physics for a while, but only if you know whos in it)
Animal: Cat
Drink: Coke
Celebrity: Zac Efron
Sport: Dancing.... lol, Soccer maybe
Veggie: carrot, but I can't help but love Eggplant
Fruit: Pomegranate
Fast food place: Burger King
Place to visit: My friends places?
Month: January
Singer/Band: Basshunter
Favourite Perfume/Deodorant: Hannah Montana, Oh Wow. Well no actually, but this is more fun
Cartoon character: Kim Possible <3

Hav u Eva:
Have You Ever-Smoked: yea.....
Bungee jumped: no

Broken the law: Not raelly
Made yourself throw-up: Yes
Went skinny-dipping: No
Been in the opposite sex's washroom: As a kid maybe with mum or something
Eaten a dog biscuit: No
Put your tongue on a frozen pole: lol, I wish
Ever made you cry: made myself cry? yup

Broken a bone: Nah
Played truth or dare: Who hasn't?
Been in a physical fight: Nah, I don't do physical

Rode in a police car: Nope
Been on a plane : Indeed
Come close to dying: Kinda
Been in a hot tub: Yes

Swam in the ocean: Yesterday in fact
Fallen asleep in school: yup
Failed math and science: LE GASP, no

Kissed your cousin: ew gross no
Ran away: Nah
Cried when someone died: I don't know anyone ehos died
Flashed someone: lol no
Cried in school: ONce or twice
Laughed so hard you fell off your chair: Yes
Sat by the fone all night wating for a call? Nah, I don't like phones. txts maybe, kinda
Saved MSN conversations: No, I don't like doing that
Saved e-mails: Saved in the respect that I never delete them
Wished you were someone else: sometimes
Wished you were a member of the opposite sex: no
Fallen for your best friend? Not really my BEST friend.....
Been in love?: I woulnd't exactly call what I feel love
Been cheated on?: Nope
Done something you regret?: All the time
That Comes to Mind-

Red: Firetruck
Blue: Pumpkin

Your good luck charm: My HSM phone tag?

Best song you ever heard: I switch favourite songs all the time

Stupidest thing you have ever done: Ridden in the boot of a car when it spun out

whats ur room like: My clothes are on the floor

Describe your crush: Brown Hair blue eyes strong lol :P

Your most prized possession: My cellphone

Last thing you said: "WHERE?"

What is beside you: Cornchips!
Last thing you ate: Cornchips!

Fave song: Womanizer - Britany Spears
kind of shampoo do you use: Head And Shoulders, just in case I get dandruff
Something that has happened to you this year: Finished school forever

Worst thing that has happened to you this year: My emotional collapse?

~hav u eva~

Chicken pox: yes
Sore Throat: yes
Cold: yes
Stitches: no

surgery: no

Broken bone: no
~do u~

Believe in love at first sight: I believe in infatuation at first sight

Enjoy parks: Yes

Like picnics: Heck yes

Like school: I DID

What school: It was St Pats

Hate anyone: Love hate
-Would You-

Eat a live hamster for $1,000,000?: I don't think so

Go to a Hanson concert if you had a free ticket: HELL yes

Kill someone you didn't know for 15 billion dollars: I don't think I could kill anyone

Who do you admire: Caryl, because she's amazing

-Who is-

the last person that called you: Mum
Who was was the last person you slow danced with: Kimberley

Who makes you laugh the most: Caryl (you pole dancer)

Who makes you smile: My friends, all of them

Who has a crush on you: I don't know, anyone want to tell me who does?
Who have you yelled at: I don't do outwards anger

Who broke your heart? Andrew, but It's not really his fault directly

Who told you they loved you: My family, and some of my friends (platonically)

-Do You/Are You-

Do you like filling these out: I do really

Do you wear contacts or glasses: Glasses

Do you like yourself? Sometimes

Do you get along with your family: Yup

Do you do drugs?: Nope

Have piercings below the waist? Nope

Stolen anything over $50: Nah
Obsessive? Very

Compulsive? Very

Suicidal? Depends on my mood (don't worry, it's not like i'd ever do it)

What makes you happy: My friends

hu u r -

How many buddies are on your list? Lots

What do you like to do: Socialise

What did you do yesterday: Sea Cadets and my friends 18th

Career: Engineer

What are you most scared of: Failure. Not being good enough. Being judged

What car do you wish to have: A Suzuki Escudo

Where do you want to get married: In a nice place

If you could change anything about yourself, what would you change: I wish I was bulkier

What was your first car: My beloved Suzy, Suzuki Escudo

Vegetarian: NEVER

Good driver: Kinda

Good actor: lol, i wish

Good dancer: I think so

Good storyteller: I dunno
Lava lamp: I being one yesterday, so yes
How many remote controls are in your house: several

What do you dream about: Zombies, britany spears, my friends, random CRAP
Last time you took a bath: AGES ago

Last movie you saw at the cinemas? Thursday 4th December, the best day of my life - HSM3
Night or Day: Day

Chocolate or white milk: Chocolate

Better at talking or listening: I can tak fast, but I do like listening

Skiing or Boarding: I can't do either

Summer or winter: Summer
Cake or Pie: Cake

Silver or Gold: Silver

Diamond or pearl: Diamond

Sunset or Sunrise: Sunrise

Coke or Pepsi: COKE

Sprite or 7up: SPRITE

Pants or shorts: PANTS

Coffee or tea: I don;t really drink either, but at work I drink coffee

Phone or in person: In person

oldest, middle, youngest or only child: Youngest

The end
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